About Governors

The governors are a team of 14 volunteers from our community, who have a vital and demanding role that requires a wide range of skills and professionalism. The Governing Body is accountable to Ofsted for its effectiveness. There are several types of governor within our school:

  • Parent governor vacancies are filled by parents, where an election is held if there is more than one candidate for a post.
  • The staff governor is elected by members of the school staff.
  • Co-opt governors are appointed by the Governing Body for the skills they can contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.
  • Foundation governors are appointed by the Diocese on the recommendation of the local church.
  • Local Authority governors are nominated by the Local Authority and appointed by the Governing Body.

What is the Governors’ Role?

The role of the Governing Body is to provide non-executive leadership and is similar to the board of trustees of a charity.  The Governing Body operates at a strategic level, with the Head Teacher and senior school leadership team remaining accountable to the governors for the operational day to day running of the school. Each governor serves for a period of four years and usually sits on one of the sub-committees – Resources, Curriculum & Monitoring or Pay. Each sub-committee and the Whole Governing Body meets once every half term.

Governors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge but will also be expected to attend relevant education courses to fulfil their duties. Additionally governors will make pre-arranged monitoring visits to the school. Most governors spend around 20 hours per term performing governor duties.

A clear understanding of, and distinction between, the role of the Governing Body and the Head Teacher is crucial to effective governance.   The Head Teacher is responsible for the educational performance of the school and for the internal organisation, management and control of the school, which includes the performance management of staff.  The Governing Body’s role is to hold the Head Teacher to account for exercising their professional judgement in these matters and for the performance of their duties.

The Governing Body of Whitchurch C of E Primary School focuses on three core functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and direction
  • Holding the Head Teacher to account for the school’s educational performance and the performance management of its staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and ensuring its money is well spent.

Governors are expected to demonstrate robust processes and frameworks for setting priorities, creating accountability and monitoring progress. This means governors need to ask challenging questions on the basis of robust objective data.  Governors obtain data, information and feedback from the Head Teacher, review national data at least once a year, participate in visits to the school to verify what they have been told  and ensure the Head Teacher’s termly report provides appropriate and sufficiently detailed information.

The governors at our school adhere to and follow the NGA Code of Conduct:,policies-and-procedures/Model-Policies/Code-of-Practice.aspx

To find out more about becoming a School Governor, please visit the HCC website at and the NGA website at or contact the Clerk at

Governing Body Membership 2017-18


PARENT GOVERNORS (elected by parents)

Stephanie Alderman


Curriculum & Standards


Early Years Governor 02.11.2020
Jon Robinson Resources


Vice Chair of Governors (term ends 30 September 2018)

Health & Safety Governor

HT Performance Management panel

Peter Brown tbc tbc 30.09.2021

FOUNDATION GOVERNORS (appointed by Diocese)

VACANCY     Ex officio


Ruth Vale


Curriculum & Standards


SEND/Able Child (Inclusion) Governor


Sophie Lloyd


Curriculum & Standards


Equal Opportunities Governor



LOCAL AUTHORITY GOVERNOR (appointed by Governing Body)

Steven Oaten


Resources Additional Opportunities Governor

HT Performance Management panel


HEAD TEACHER (ex officio)

Kate Steven Resources

Curriculum & Standards


Designated Safeguarding Lead Ex officio

STAFF GOVERNOR (elected by staff)

Amanda Wersby Curriculum & Standards Staff Link Governor 05.11.2019

CO-OPTED GOVERNORS (appointed by Governing Body)

Clare Datta



Curriculum & Standards


Chair of Governors (term ends 30 September 2018)

Child Protection & Safeguarding Governor


Jacqueline Day


Curriculum & Standards (Chair)


Barbara Russell Resources (Vice Chair) Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare Governor,

HT Performance Management Panel (Chair)

Jane Tigwell


Curriculum & Standards

(Vice Chair)

Communications Governor


Katherine Lee


Resources (Chair)


Finance Governor





ASSOCIATE MEMBER (appointed by Governing Body)

Andrew Klemz


Resources (with voting rights)






PREVIOUSLY IN POST (2016-17) with end dates Kelvin Inglis (Foundation – ex officio)

Tony Eley (Parent)



PLEASE NOTE: All governors’ terms of office are for four years. Chair and Vice Chair are elected for one year.


Clerk to Governors Barbara Peirce



Register of Governors’ Interests 2017-18



Statement of Relevant Business or Other Interest/Relationship to Staff Member/Employment at School/Other governorship Nature of Business/


Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry
Stephanie Alderman Employed at Testbourne Community School July 2008 26.09.17
Peter Brown Nil 02.10.17
Clare Datta Nil 26.09.17
Jacqueline Day Nil 26.09.17
Katherine Lee Nil 26.09.17
Sophie Lloyd Employed part-time at the school July 2016 26.09.17
Stephen Oaten Nil 26.09.17
Jon Robinson Nil 26.09.17
Barbara Russell Volunteer helper at the school 26.09.17
Kate Steven Employed at the school 26.09.17
Jane Tigwell Nil 26.09.17
Ruth Vale Volunteer helper at the school 26.09.17
Amanda Wersby Employed at the school 26.09.17
Associate Member :
Andrew Klemz

(Resources Cttee – with voting rights)

Whitchurch Town Council;

Matthewson Waters Architects



Chartered Architect

May 2015

Nov 2011

Previously in post


Anthony Eley Nil 01.09.16
Kelvin Inglis Wife employed as HLTA at the school 01.09.16

Please Note: All Governors are welcome to attend any of the Committee Meetings and should arrange this with the Chair of the Committee they wish to attend.

Click here to visit the Hampshire County Council Governor website.

Governor Attendance Record 2016-17

Governors Newsletter Dec 2017

Whole Governing Body Minutes

WGB Minutes September 2016

WGB Minutes November 2016

WPS GB Minutes March 2017

WPS GB Minutes May 2017

WGB Minutes July 2017

WPS GB Minutes September 2017

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