Whitchurch Church of England Primary

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Lunch Menus

Pauline, the school cook and her team work hard to prepare nutritious and tasty meals. They are cooked freshly in the school kitchen.

The school uses HC3S.  However, during the pandemic, we have simplified the menu as some classes will need to eat in their classrooms.  We have ensured that the children will have a choice and will have a cooked meal. Please see the menu below. 

The children are asked to choose their lunch on a daily basis when they register in the morning. It is helpful for the younger children if you have discussed the choice in the morning before they arrive in school.

All children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 are entitled to a free lunch and most children take up this offer.  Children may bring a packed lunch from home too. Please provide your child's lunch in a lunch box not a plastic bag.

Lunches for Key Stage 2 children must be paid for (unless your child is entitled to a Free School Lunch) or please provide a packed lunch in a lunch box. Meals can be chosen on a daily basis which means children can choose a school meal or a packed lunch on different days.

Children who arrive to school without a packed lunch will be asked to choose a school one.  Late lunch boxes will not be accepted at the School Office.

To pay for your child's lunch please use  Sco Pay. There is a link to Sco pay on the Home page of this website. 


Children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 are provided with a piece of fruit at break times.  Children under 5 years are entitled to free milk too.  Milk can be purchased for children in Key Stage 1.

In Key Stage 2 children may bring  a piece of fruit or small sandwich from home for a snack at break time.  Normally, Key Stage 2 may purchase fruit or bread from the school kitchen, but we are not providing this service during the pandemic.