Staffing Structure for 2018/19

Head Teacher: Mrs Steven
Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs Dunwell (Maths & Assessment Lead)
Special Needs Co-ordinator: Mrs Henderson
School Business Manager: Mrs Scotland
Admin Officer: Mrs Boxall
Admin Assistant: Mrs Langston
School Site Manager: Mr Blake
School Librarian: Mrs Clarke

Early Years Teacher Subj Resp LSA
Pelicans Mrs Wersby  (Early Years Manager) Forest School Mrs Beecroft
Penguins Miss Gelderd Mrs Butler
Puffins Mrs Lamb (M- Th) Educational Visits Miss Coughtrey
Mrs Lawley (F)
Year 1
Turtles Miss Fox Miss Robinson
Mrs Piper
Seahorses Mrs Coney (M, T) PE Mrs Garlinge
Mrs Sabine (W, Th, F) Art
Year 2
Seals Mrs Rix (M,T, W, Th,) History


Mrs Marriott
Miss Dunesby (F)
Dolphins Miss Henry (KS 1 Manager) Computing Miss Prouten
Year 3
Jaguars Mrs Dyer RE TBC

Mrs Price

Mrs Farrand

Leopards Mrs Driver DT
Panthers Mrs Robertson Science
Year 4
Lions Miss Colyer (Year 3/4 Manager) PSHE Mrs Parks

Mrs Turrill

Tigers Mrs Berry (M, T)
Mrs Fisher (W, Th, F)
Year 5
Kingfishers Miss Frost History Mrs Cunningham

Miss Lloyd

Doves Miss Moore PE
Year 6
Eagles Mr Rutledge PE Miss Cooper

Mrs Peacock

Kestrels Miss Haighton Geography

English Manager/PPA teacher: Mrs Downing (English Lead)
Music Teacher/PPA : Mrs Spencer (Music Lead)
Additional Teachers: Mrs Brenton (working with Year 5/School Council) and Mrs Haldenby (working with Year 6/Reading Recovery).
Reading Recovery LSA: Rachel Hadley

Family Link Worker: Mrs Hoare
ELSAs: Mrs Odgers, Mrs Parks
Forest School Teacher: Mr Henderson
Lunchtime supervisors: Mrs Thoroughgood, Mrs Juniper, Miss Coombes, Mr Milne, Ms Tuffin, Mrs Cheney, Mrs Wheeler.

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Do you have a child due to start school in September 2019?

We would like to invite you to come and have a look around our school.

Wednesday 7th November 2018

10.00-11.00am, or

1.45-2.45pm, or


There will be an introduction from the Headteacher and you will be able to visit the classrooms to see our children at work during school hours.

No need to book.  Children are welcome.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.