Whitchurch Church of England Primary

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Collection Arrangements


The playground gates are opened at 3:20pm for parents to wait to collect their child. All parents are asked to complete a form detailing their child's collection arrangements every September. Parents are asked to remember to update the form if circumstances change.


Please note that dogs are not permitted on the school site (except assistance dogs). 


Cycles and Scooters must not be ridden across the school site.


Reception and Year 1

Children are collected from the outside classroom door.

Parents wait opposite the appropriate classroom door.

The teacher will hand children directly to the parent or person who has permission to collect each child. Parents who would like a quick word with the teacher must wait until all the children have been collected.


Year 2

At the end of the day, the children will be walked to the Key Stage 2 playground, by their class teacher, where they may be collected.  Parents who would like a quick word with the teacher must wait until all the children have been collected.


Collecting siblings, children going to child minders or attending Simply

All children with siblings, going to child minders or Simply will go to the youngest class and wait with them to be collected.


Year 3/4

All classes are walked to the KS2 playground.  Parents must not wait at the top by the classrooms, but stay on the playground, as the paths tend to be congested.


Year 5/6

All classes are walked to the main school gate.


Children in KS2 (Years 3-6) may leave independently at the end of the day, but parents must complete the relevant form to give permission.


Permission will need to be given if parents wish their child to meet them, or the person picking them up, anywhere apart from the Key Stage 2 playground or the gate, or if parents wish them to walk home on their own. For example if the collecting adult stands away from the main gate or waits in the car for the child they will need to give permission on the form for them to leave independently. Similarly, if parents wait outside a Key Stage 1 classroom for a younger sibling and wish the older child to make their way to them, then they will also need permission to leave independently.


Children are only allowed to walk independently once school has received permission for them to do so, and at the discretion of the class teacher or Head Teacher.

If collection arrangements change as a one off on any day, parents should write a note to their child’s class teacher which is handed in at the beginning of the day.


Alternatively parents can email the office at  before 12pm to enable the office staff to inform teachers before the afternoon session.  Only in the event of an emergency should parents phone the school office with collection arrangements.