Whitchurch Church of England Primary

Together we make a difference


At Whitchurch C of E Primary School, we encourage our children to develop their own set of beliefs which allow for the opportunity to develop their relationships with themselves, others and their place in the wider world. It helps us to develop a deeper understanding of who we really are and how we can grow to be confident, articulate, proactive members of society in which we can make a positive difference.


Whatever our beliefs, spirituality helps us develop a deep understanding of who we really are and how we can grow internally.  Our inner power and strength increases tremendously.  Spirituality and inner peace is a way of life.  It helps us develop great strength and courage.

At Whitchurch C E Primary School we support the development of spirituality through four concepts.

  1. Self Reflection – knowing and understanding who we are and building self-esteem.
  2. Empathy – understanding from another’s point of view and building relationships
  3. Beauty – an appreciation of our wonderful world
  4. Beyond – my purpose, place and reason for being here.  The presence of God.


At Whitchurch C E Primary School we seek to strengthen our children both externally and internally and develop spirituality within the curriculum and collective acts of worship.