Whitchurch Church of England Primary

Together we make a difference

School Values

At Whitchurch CE Primary School, we have chosen the following values of 'Love, Courage and Respect' as core to our school ethos.  They are the means for ensuring a happy and secure experience within our school community. They inform our thinking about how adults and children behave in school, they direct our mission when planning our curriculum and other activities. They support us in talking with children to develop their beliefs and personal attitude.


Our school vision has been written as a prayer because we hope that it will be memorable for us all. 

Christian Vision

School Values 

We have chosen three Christian Values which underpin the school ethos, they are love, courage and respect. 

We asked the children how they thought we could show love, courage and respect in our lives; in the classroom, on the playground, around school and in the community. They mapped these ideas to show how we can make our values something we 'live'.